Bridging the knowledge for inspired staff engagement

If you want a workable understanding of the journey into staff engagement and some practical techniques you can use throughout your lifetime, then sign up our one-day workshop.

Staff engagement can ...

Staff Engagement training from You Bridge and David Pritchard

Increase productivity by up to 30%

Reduce staff turnover

Increase creativity and innovation

Provide the foundation for a profitable business

Are you willing to risk all that?

Discover untapped capabilities within your organisation, create a standout company and cultivate the performance you deserve.

The world of work has changed since the pandemic, staff engagement is more important than ever, with hybrid and flexible working, the need for engagement is obvious.

Staff Engagement training from You Bridge and David Pritchard

We will take you through the reasons why we think the current employee engagement within Europe region is down to 14% according to the 2022 Gallop Poll.

We will then provide your team, our audience, with a fun practical and interactive workshop based on a case study, whereby individuals interact with each other, and problem solve some of the issues that arise within the exercise.

This is not rocket science but a neglected part of being a successful organisation, it’s about people and how they feel.

“I don’t run racing cars,
I run people that run racing cars”
Totto Wolfe
Mercedes F1 HBR mMgazine 2022

We will use our experience, profession, and passion to break down the barriers to engagement, show you the good, bad, and ugly so you know how to navigate and create a more team orientated and engaging organisation.

Who is it for?

This workshop is aimed at middle management, supervisors, project managers, and team leaders who engage with staff daily.

“Look after your staff and they will look after your customers. It’s that simple”

Richard Branson.