Organisational Behaviour

A term used to describe interactions and behaviour of individuals and groups within an organisation.

This is a little misleading and should be named ‘people behaviour’ because that’s what it is. And if you know anything about organisations you will know that leadership has a huge amount of influence on the rest of the behaviour within the workforce.

An engaging leadership team will develop and encourage staff engagement and promote;

      1. Innovation & creativity.
      2. Increase productivity.
      3. Reduce waste and improve profits.

We believe it is the obligation firstly, of the leadership of an organisation to show the way, to be the example, and secondly it the obligation of the workforce to engage those principles.

“If you are not in the people business, you are not in any business”

Simon Sinek

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare”
Patrick Lencioni

This creates a cultural change, one of trust, honesty, freedom, and engagement, from the bottom, middle, and top of the organisation.

Therefor we believe it is imperative for the success of the company to have responsible, engaging leadership who have the knowledge, skills, and behaviour to lead an organisation and its staff to fulfil its full potential. Begin with the staff engagement workshop, then progress through the master class leadership program.

If you believe staff are the largest investment and the reason for the success or failure of a company, then why are you not engaging with them in a way that increases productivity, innovation, and creativity.